As most of you know, the Ol’ 42 Grub House held our first Rally in the Alley last weekend. Amid concerns about the weather, as it had rained all week and off and on during the Rally night, the turnout was still tremendous. We estimated around 150-200 people showed up for the event and were many neighbors and friends who just had fun getting together with each other in a spirited environment. They enjoyed beer, pop, grilled brats, grilled dogs, pulled pork, and of course some good ol’ fashioned Plain City pizza. Overall, we got some great positive feedback and think the first one was a success. Below is why we think that:

Here’s why Plain City rocks!

First, the people. Let’s face it, the rain that week was terrible and was to continue all through the night. The event was to kick-off at 5:00 and down poured at 4:00 to the point where we had a puddle in the back. But guess what??? You guys didn’t let that slow you down at all. There were some people who still showed up right at 5:00. By 6:00, when Jordan was to begin singing, we already had a full crowd that only continued to grow. Rain be damned, people brought umbrellas, rain gear, and even tents and did not let weather slow you down one bit. That’s dedication my friends.

Second, the people again. You guys had fun. You guys made it fun. We only provided the foundation…beer, entertainment, and food. The people at the event brought the fun. We wanted this to be your event and as we were serving beer, we were unsure about kids, so we left it up to the parents. The event turned out to be very family driven and the kids were entertained doing….well, doing what kids do best, just having fun. We love that, it represents what the Ol’ 42 and its customers represent…community, family, and fun.

Third, have I mentioned the people? This time from the volunteer and employee side of things and we can’t thank them enough.  Obviously the volunteers put in their free time and efforts. They helped set-up, work the tents, and break down the event all without one ounce of complaint. Our singer, Jordan Ranly, did an excellent job of providing the entertainment. The Ol’42 staff also knew they were in for a wild ride, especially considering we were missing an employee due to an accident, lost an oven during the evening, and were dealing with a broken air conditioner. It wasn’t the smoothest ride and we had some logistical issues, but the staff worked hard and we learned how we can improve our next events. Again, thank you all.

Finally, the great organization of UPCO (Uptown Plain City Organization). If you don’t know them, their mission is the preservation and revitalization of the historic Uptown area and helping with Plain City’s prosperous future. They put on events including the Classic Car Cruise-In, the Farmer’s Market, and Christmas Under the Clock that all take place in the Plain City community. Without their help, this event would have never happened. They were a key player in getting the approval to sell beer at the event and in providing the volunteers and some equipment and logistics for the event.

We look forward to our next couple Rally in the Alleys (Sept. 10 and Sept. 24) and look forward to planning more for next year. We love this community and it was great pleasure in seeing the support you gave by showing up and having fun.

Please comment below and give us your suggestions on future Rally in the Alley events. Also, drop a comment if you attended and had a great time.