Recently, Pizza Hut CEO Greg Creed said there was a time when the way to beat the competition was to have a better product. He now believes that convenience trumps quality.

I take exception to Creed’s statement. When it comes to cooking, I’m a flavor kind of guy. I use a charcoal grill because it produces a better tasting dish, although gas grills are quicker. When choosing a steak to throw on the grill, I look for the higher grades of beef that are grass fed or organic because it is a higher quality product that tastes better. So when it came time for me to make a decision on the type of oven to use in our pizza business, it was a no brainer….a deck oven producing a stone baked pizza, which promotes better crust development and produces a superior flavor. It’s why we use an award winning cheese manufacturer rather than a lesser quality product that saves money. I guess in a way you can call me a food snob, but you can also begin to understand why I was disappointed to see a headline like the one above recently.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that convenience has its place. In the fast-paced world in which we live, grabbing a $5 hamburger for the kids is sometimes your only choice. Unfortunately, convenience and low pricing go hand in hand and it is usually at the cost of quality and flavor. Just like most products, you can only produce low-cost items by putting low-cost, low-quality ingredients into them.

The best quality pizza at Ol 42So the question then becomes what kind of food person are you? What do you deserve in life, convenience or quality? When it comes to pizza, do you want the convenience of frozen dough, canned mushrooms, and low-cost ingredients that usually comes with fast food style chain restaurants (you know who they are)? Or do you desire the quality of fresh dough, fresh vegetables, and high-quality meats and cheeses produced in an oven specifically designed to develop these ingredients into a flavorful pizza? If you’re a flavor person like myself, I know a place you’re going to love.

Eat well my friends.

Jeff Cosgrove
Ol’ 42 Grub House