Business can be rewarding in many aspects. It can create publicity, wealth, fame, and freedoms that some can only dream of. As a matter of fact, when we purchased the business, I had envisioned myself driving a Ferrari, vacationing in the Bahamas, and having life in the palm of my hands. Now that five years have passed, I drive a minivan, haven’t sniffed the Bahamas, and the palm of my hand holds bills rather than a salted margarita. Hey, everyone needs a dream.

So how is it rewarding? The biggest reward from our business is being in a position to give back and support the community. I remember the first ever community event we did, the PTO Fundraiser night where we donated 50% of our sales to the local elementary PTO. We got so busy that when the president of the PTO came in to pick up her food, we recruited her and her 10-year old daughter to help us out. The heck with child labor laws, we had a 2-hour wait and were getting crushed. But people were patient and the night a success. I also remember the feeling of pride and accomplishment when we cut our first check to the PTO for $750….the feeling that we didn’t do this alone, the community came together to help the local children.

That was it, we were hooked, and since we have made it our mission to support the community and design programs to benefit the local area. Specifically we look to support local youth sports and educational organizations. Our PTO night now generates over $1,000 and is fully staffed with mom and dad volunteers. The feeling of giving back is a greater reward than any other and is uplifting to the soul. And who’s to say it doesn’t bring fame? Through our Good Student program, my face is plastered on a gift certificate providing free pizza to local students (that was my wife’s idea). Now, when I walk through the elementary, the kids see me and say “hey, there’s that pizza guy”. Is this going to get me an interview on 60 Minutes? Probably not, but you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Eat well my friends.